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Iím Natasha, the Publisher and Editor of Earth Angel Magazine.† I created this magazine to spread love, light, blessings and good cheer to everyone.† This is a non-denominational holistic magazine focusing on health, wealth, love, happiness, prosperity and all things positive.†

Earth Angel Magazine is also a Spiritual Life Coaching and Holistic Living Magazine that promotes love, happiness, prosperity and overall well-being. It covers all things metaphysical with such topics as angels, healing modalities, the law of attraction, health, wealth, love, happiness and all things positive. The magazine takes a holistic approach to providing tools for living your best life yet. This Spiritual Life Coaching and Holistic Living Magazine offers articles to enhance your every day life.† Each issue is chock full of valuable information and over 60 pages of pure content!†

This magazine was meant to inspire and teach everyone interested in improving their lives by showing you how to go beyond fear.† BecauseÖ

Beyond willpower

Beyond the ordinary

Beyond your fears

Beyond your looks or age

Beyond your circumstances

Beyond your hopes and dreams

Beyond your perceived limitations

Beyond your past

Beyond your failures

Beyond your bad decisions

Beyond the choices you have made

Beyond your parentís expectations

Beyond your childhood lacks

Beyond risks not taken

Beyond your socioeconomic status

Beyond your gender, race or sexual orientation


Is everything you have ever wanted!



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