Let's Break It
Down into
Two Parts
Clear & Create
First clear any negativity or doubt surrounding you, or within
you. There are some very simple ways to cleanse your
energy. Choose the one, or two (e.g. bath, then smudging) that
most resonate with you. Really know what it is you'd like to
release, and feel it leaving your body and energy while clearing.

Salt water - a quick dip in the ocean, or a soak in the tub
with some sea salt in it will draw out the negative energy
from yourself. You can also wash away any doubt, by
washing your hands in a bowl of salt water at the end of
your ritual.

Smudging - using a smudge stick (generally dried sage)
letting the smoke cleanse yourself and your space. Make
sure the area is well ventilated.

Cleansing sprays - sprays energized with crystals, or essential
oils that you can use for your space and your aura.

Visualization - using white light, bubbles, roses or whatever
resonates with you to cleanse your energy through
meditation or visualization.