Thank you so much for taking a leap of faith and
selecting this magazine to read. I hope that it has
lightened your soul, made your heart smile or touched
you in some way. This month's theme is Dreams
Come True.
As I mentioned last month, you
I dream of ....
have the power to make your
dreams come true. It's time to
The sky is the limit so do not limit
get clear about what you want
your dreams.
out of life. If you have been
hesitant in the past, this is the
Make a commitment to yourself
year to take that leap of faith.
to do something today that your
Trust in the power of your
future self will thank you for.
Remember to PUSH!
It's time to break free from other
(Persevere Until Success
people's expectations of you and
shift from just good enough to
great. Good is the enemy of
Repeat this affirmation:
great. Complacency can be a
curse so watch out for it. It takes
I make meaningful money in a
courage to begin something but it
meaningful way and life gets
can take even more to end it.
better and better every single
Start by writing your dream
statement or statements today.