The Impeccable
Dr. Wayne Dyer
I'm sure that many of you in
So, imagine hearing on Monday
the spiritual community have
that he had passed away. It felt
heard that Dr. Wayne Dyer
like I had just spoken to him the
passed away on August 29,
other day! At any rate, Hay
2015. I don't remember
House discounted a majority of
hearing how but I think it may
his kindle books to $1.99 in
have been in his sleep...that's
September. I have many of the
the way to go...peaceful. I
paperback copies but since the
have seen him in person and
digital versions were deeply
heard him speak 3 times the
discounted I added the ones I
recent just last year. He was
wanted to my kindle so that I can
inspirational. And although I
have them at my disposal. This is
don't know the man personally, very handy since literally I was
I still felt shocked about his
looking at Change Your Thoughts
passing. I had just heard his
Change Your Life Book the other
last radio show that very week
day and thinking if I should take
that he passed. I listen to Hay
it with me to read again on my
house radio every morning
long flight to Hong Kong. Now, I
while getting dress....a great
can take them all! Rest in peace
way to start the day.
Dr. Dyer.