It's Okay to Say
Renette Stinnett
I am going to talk about something no one ever really seems to in our line of work! Our ability
to say no! It's ok to say no, it's ok to say to a friend or a family member , "No, I am sorry but I
don't believe me working on you would be for both of our higher good!"
It is okay when you get the feeling that this isn't someone you can help or feel drawn to help its
ok to tell a client I'm sorry but our energies are not meshing and advise them towards another
healer if you know one in your area!
Our job as a healer takes a relationship and trust if we can't attain those then it does no good
working on someone!
Just because you are a light worker, healer, energy worker or any of the many other titles does
not mean you must feel like you have to help every single person that comes across your path
and more importantly it's ok not to even with this you need balance!
I also believe it is important to remember to know your own limits, don't allow someone to
manipulate or guilt you into performing services for them you don't want to, or that you just
don't feel comfortable doing with them! We are to help those who need us but not at the
expense of ourselves!
Do not allow yourself to bully yourself into doing things either as we are often the ones bullying
ourselves into just these situations!
As we grow and learn you will figure out the right balance don't burn out don't give up, don't
feel like you have to uplifting and positive all the time remember you are humane and you have
problems too! It's ok to experience these things so long as we keep moving don't become
stagnate water!! We need to be in a constant movement of energy, this helps us in every single
aspect of our lives! Do not get lost in others so much that you forget to take and keep care of
yourself! Being self aware is a huge part of this thing we all do don't forget to listen to yourself!
Dare to be different dare to be you and learn to love yourself unconditionally!