Meet Cat Kerle
Cat is a witchy mumma goddess (too much?) of
two boys and a dog. She's also a psychic, an
intuitive card reader, tea leaf reader, a sunshine
lover, a natural therapist, a gardener of edible
plants (what do you call that?), and an animal lover.
She feels that magic, nature, spirituality and
everyday life are intertwined: a lot of people today
appear to have forgotten this. Cat has a family
history of professional psychics and is inspired to
help others create everyday magic easily, and trust
their intuition.
Cat has always been drawn to self/spiritual
development and believes that we all have intuitive
ability. Through various circumstances throughout
life (or past lives) we can block or forget our
connection to self. It's times like these that we
need a 'nudge in the right direction' to reconnect
with ourselves.
After a few strong nudges from the universe, and
through the spiritual journey of motherhood, Cat
decided to further develop her intuition. She has
done a lot of work on releasing fear and trusting
herself, and making magic a part of everyday
life. This attracted a lot of people asking questions
about themselves and the energetic world, which
has inspired her to help others through the journey
to hearing and trusting their inner voice, and
living a happier, more connected life.