Now, to create your
own magic and to
attract what you
want into yourself
and your life, you
need to be clear on
what it is that you

Candle - Light a candle, focusing on your
intention and inviting in your guides, angels, the
want, really feel it,
elements, whatever energy it is that you feel is
know what the
feeling is once

Words - Words are powerful. Write down your
you've attracted
intention and/or speak it aloud. It could be as
what you want in
simple as 'I allow.........', or it can be more
your life, without
specific to you and you situation. If you write it
down, you can burn it (safely), bury it, or store it
any doubt.
in a place with the energy you've created (e.g.
Intention jar).

Crystal/Talisman - You can use a crystal, or
charge a piece of jewelry or object with the
If you need more
energy of your intention during your ritual. This
inspiration, there are
can then be stored with your written intention,
examples of ritual packs
or kept with you as both a reminder of what you
on my website
want to create, and something to keep the
energy of your ritual with you, attracting that
higher vibration.
Now, it's time for you to Finally, thank all energies, crystals etc. involved,
go and create your own
blow out your candle (or let it safely burn out),
magic! Enjoy!
and ground yourself. To ground yourself, walk
barefoot on the earth, perfect for outdoor
rituals, or imagine roots growing from your feet
to the center of the earth.